Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gogol Bordello

Ok, so only a few words here. Gogol Bordello rocks with the kind of smart, witty, punk sensibility that used to warrant the best of The Dead Kennedys, sans all the self-important political posturing of Jello Biafra. That's not to say that GB's front man Eugene Hutz doesn't have anything important to say. It's simply to note that he lets the music and his manic presence on stage speak. This is punk at its best. No didacticism, just ragged licks, wicked beats, and passionate performance...No! It's even better than that, 'cause it has accordion and gypsy sensibility. If you start to listen, you should listen all the way through, otherwise they might just curse you and your first born child.

NPR has a great interview with Eugene Hutz and you can download a GB concert at their "all songs considered" podcast. (There's a link off the NPR Summer Concert series story under the link to the Fresh Air interview.

NPR and Gogol Bordello.


Lorelai said...

I heard this same interview on one of my six trips to and from Trenton during PDI. I was about to say, "What are the chances?" but then, given how much you and I listen to NPR, the answer would have to be "Pretty frickin' high." He was absolutely hilarious, and the music was great.

Lorelai said...

Gogol Bordello is touring, and they will be in Paris on November 15th. I'm going to go.